Shields for SG and TW

Shields will be so use full to use in pvp games think about it

no, I don’t want my enemies to not take damage while I get flung in to the air


Make this a #suggestions thread if you want it to be voted for.
Also I disagree.

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this is such a bad idea


Shields in bedrock servers? Nah m8 too l8 this suggestion aint gr8

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it could work if we had java pvp but us bedrock players are stuck in 1.8 kinda

and shields are useless anyway

favorite number?

8 is gr8

oh man, if they were added, people would abuse their power so much. Please don’t add them. Dang, I can just imagine trying to kill that one last hive steve in a TW game, and he’s just in the corner with a sheild. It scares me.

No, although when pvp eventually switches to a new system, they might need to be added

if they were make them worth as much as dia armor

who can imagine a plank of wood to be so powerful

anyways, this has been suggested a lot before. so you could try checking for it with the search button

my personal opinion with shields are : it kinda ruins the PVP style of bedrock, like java pre 1.9. PVP is more movement than timing based. and favours sword as the primary weapon (Unlike axe, which has a % to disable shields)

the only way i think it could move to hive, is by having it at very, very low durability. 1-3. used solely to escape combos and projectile clutching.

Shields are super annoying and there is no way you’ll be able to hit or kill your enemy.

as someone who’s been in a factions smp


yes add em pls cuz fun

they will be usefull only for mobile players cuz pc players cant combo them, and im a pc player

do not add shields!

also this is a dupe post

absolutely no mobile players will just crouch all the time and you know what happens when you hit a crouching player most of them would fall in void so I disagree

cuz they have no shields, imagen them crouching with shields

I appreciate and respect this sentence. lol

Players on any platform can abuse the shields why are you only mentioning mobile players