See what anon user was

So I couldn’t find a dupe about this but I bet soemone will find one

Anyway I think it’ll be cool if we could see what an anon user was before they deleted thier account. I think this would be cool because if your scrolling through old threads from a couple years ago and a couple people were anon and I think it’ll be cool if people could see thier user name when you click on thier pfp and see if you recognized them or something.

I’m not expecting this to be added anytime but I would like to see this


Where the red box is where the anon original user was

ISTG, I have been thinking about this for a long time. But i was too lazy to look if it was dupe and make topic. Voted!


isnt that why its anon?? anonymous? because people under 13 should have their name anonymised


That would be illegal.