Seconds long invisibility/regeneration after kills

What’s the most frequent cause of death for you? A lot of people here would probably say walking off the map, but I’m too sweaty for that. The most common death for me is being cleaned, especially in solos. After a long fight, I kill the player, at like 1 heart. And then before I can even take a single step some random comes up and just one hits me. It’s annoying, I and probably many other people want it to stop. Here’s why there should be either regeneration or invisibilty when you kill someone.

It would make the game more fair. Think about it, if you were at like 1 heart because the dude you just killed was actually good, both redstoned up and everything. And when you turn around someone instantly pearls behind you, goes “nothing personal kid” and just ends you right there at your weakest, you wouldn’t think its fair right? You never even had a chance to fight back. If you had invisibilty, the man can’t do that, and you have enough time to gap and prepare to drop another man.

Also maybe the effect could be invisibilty for 3-4 seconds in solos, regeneration 2 in duos, and regeneration 1 or disabled in trios and squads, as one of the aspects of those are ganging up on people as a team to kill them. Invisibilty and regen 2 would be too OP.

Plus, SG already made a solution to this iirc, you get 2 hearts back on kill, you can’t be one hit after a kill unless you have no armor. And for TW, if you have treasure you respawn anyway so its more fair. But Skywars? 1 heart someones thirsty for blood and its allll over. Even if we can’t have the stuff in the title, what if we had the SG solution? after i wrote this section i looked back to double check my suggestion wasn’t already suggested to this degree and someone already asked for hearts back…im too lazy to remove

Now theres probably gonna be someone that goes “OoOOO wont this just eliminate the skill requirement for being able to deal with backstabs?!?!?” First of all that skill requirement is the equivalent of being a full trained ninja. Second, theres no skill in cleaning either. You watch a fight and clean, thats it. No skill, no effort, nothing. With regeneration or invisibilty, the cleaning player is the one that would actually need a bit more skill, as their best strategy won’t work anymore, and they actually have to tap their screen more than twice. (A nightmare for them)

Even if the effect isn’t unlockable from the start, maybe there could be some perk system with these effects listed, and you get these perks the more you level up. I don’t really have anymore ideas for the perk thing but it’s a possibility.

If this suggestion is added, in my opinion, it would make the game more balanced and fair and less rage inducing.

i swear if i accidentally looked over a suggestion suggesting the exact same thing in the exact same way or this was fixed in the like 6 hours I haven’t played i hate my life and i will cry myself to sleep for the next 10 years

Imagine if you get rushed by a diamond armor, normally you and your teammates can kill him after a few tries, but if he gets regen every time he gets a kill (he will get a lot of kills because he’s diamond) he’ll basically never die no matter what. Its almost a guaranteed elimination for your team if the diamond armor guy knows how to left click, I wonder if there’s a way to prevent this from happening


This could be solved in 2 ways

  1. Making the effect exclusive to solos and duos, in case its too problematic in others

  2. gearing up better and not staying at your island until you mine every single last resource block


It seems like your problem is not retreating after a fight that has left you weak and vulnerable

Very true

Also good suggestion

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Let’s say the Regeneration/Invisibility only works when you killed a player, but you, remaining with 3 hearts or less, That’s when it takes effect.

3 Hearts will have Regeneration 1 in 3 Seconds

2 Hearts Regeneration 2 in 2 Seconds

1 Heart Regeneration 3 in 3 Seconds

Half a Heart Regeneration 4 in 3 Seconds

When they come miliseconds after the kill do you really have any time to retreat

also you’re really gonna let some random dude just take all the good loot the guy had


I guess this could be fixed with getting regeneration only when you´re under half or 3/4 of healthbar

I’d like the 3 heart thing after a kill to be implemented yeah


Too sweaty to fall off the edge lmao. Ever heard of block lag?


I dont speed bridge bc of that

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At first I felt this wasn’t necessary as Skywars seemed pretty balanced and it isn’t too often that you get cleaned up. However, after the new platform paring changes I feel this would be a really good change. My reason is now that all PC and Console players are paired with each other every single match is really sweaty. The fights are harder and when you do win, you are much more likely to be cleaned up than before. This change would balance things a little in my opinion.

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@noob u really think u have time to “retreat” when sweats are aggro-pearling.

I agree but invis is too op they can give strength and regen 2 like hypixel

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Strength is a bit much. I’d say just go with regeneration or 2 whole hearts.

As for the idea itself, I don’t know if it’s possible siblr or not to make Armor completely invisible. I completely agree with regeneration though.