Search Bar for Friends list

Have a search bar for the friends list

When you have a lot of friends (somehow I do) it would be very convenient to be able to search their name in a search bar


I also have a lot of friends, but why? it wouldn’t be useful for me

I like this idea. Like you said, It’s very convenient and helpful. This way, you can find friends faster. You got my vote in!

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It can help you find your friends faster

I don’t think many people have 20+ friends online even if you have the max friend limit

the only way it is useful is if you wanna remove a friend, that’s all

If you want to remove someone, to it in the chat

I have almost 40 irl friends on my friends list (my school loves Minecraft) and since we are obviously in the same timezone, most are on at the same time.

Also that plus like 10 forumers online usually, when I am tryna inv people to my party, it can be tedious.

Could also be used when making a party


I want to go to your school!


Same lol

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do it do it do it we want these

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I like this idea because sometimes it can get annoying scrolling alot.

Revive this topic?


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This probably wouldn’t be useful for friends list but it would be great for
Gifting friends and searching friend invites (I have over 250)

I have made a search bar for gifts here

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