Search bar for gift menu

It would be handy if you have a lot of friends, and need to find someone.

Was chilling in @Xyturial’s stream and he hosted a giveaway! He was scrolling for sometime through his friends list to give the prize, hence I am making this suggestion.

I’ve seen Hudson’s suggestion, however this is for the gift menu, not the regular friends menu.

Hope you like it!


Very smart suggestion. I can see myself using this in the future.

This would be super useful in multiple scenarios.

Hopefully we can see this added with the social features update.

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This suggestion is amazing! I would love TheHive to add this

wait…what suggestion was it?


lol…I forgot

Good suggestion since this would be very helpful to gift a costume you want to give to a friend or in a giveaway

I think this is a great idea and would help for a gifter like me who has over 100 friends :slight_smile: