Santa quest timer run too hard for Mobile Players

this suggestion has been locked and staff has accepted the request, made another one similar to this since I made some errors and felt like it was right making a new one :smiley:

I play on nintendo switch and I did it first try

My sister is really bad and also completed it after a few tries on switch

Now mobile players maybe have an issue, but it’s not supposed to be easy to get, so I don’t think they will change it.

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I was able to do it I guess I’m just built different

I will agree for it to be increased to 40 seconds, but no more.

I’d say 45s is better
Since mobile parkour in general is just way harder also it isnt really meant to be impossible imo

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I beat it with a few seconds to spare on mobile, i think it’s okay to just do, you just have to watch your time


Closed at the request of the original poster