Remove Knockback Nemos

I’m tired of just tryna have a nice fight in kits and then getting thrown off by Some ridiculous fish that throws me off the map I shouldn’t go flying 7 blocks after getting hit by some random fish that’s just stupid.

It has been confirmed in many other suggestions that the nemo will not be removed. Make sure to search for similar suggestions before posting. Also you can vote for your own suggestion.


For the 12th time, there’s so many counters and ways you can avoid it, plus it’s rare

Although I do agree having an op item that you can get through random chance is not how you balance a game, the knockback Nemo kinda represents skywars, and people would be sad to see it go.

coughs so basically they would have to remove knockback nemos on regular also to make it fair-

here. imagine a world where knockback nemo was removed and you were in a bad fight, you wan’t to kill them but you are lower than they are. now you would probably slap them with the glimmering nemo that is there for you but it was removed. meaning you would be killed.

now imagine this world. you are in the same fight and you are struggling. your on a tiny island and you have the glimmering little nemo. you would slap them off and save yourself.

sometimes the best things need to have the worst things in them also.


Now imagine what it’s like to be on the other end of a Nemo. You know your up on hearts and winning the fight then you just get Nemo’d off.

Some people might say ‘play more passive incase the opponent has a Nemo’. I don’t think you should change your whole playstyle over 1 item

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Bruh why are there so many remove nemo posts?
You know hive should make a rule ‘do not suggest about removing the nemo’


if you just lost a fight to a nemo in skywars, don’t go to the forums and suggest having it removed lol.


No nemo cool

can you like, read the bottom of my comment?

Exactly, there are no, and I mean 0, luck-based elements in hive skywars. Like, imagine if they made it so one person could get full diamond off their starting island, and another could only get diamond boots and chain Armor. That would be completely absurd.

In case you somehow couldn’t tell that was sarcasm, and I was pointing out the fact that the hive literally refer to it as “Lucky ores”. While at a surface (and I mean like, extremely surface level), level understanding the Nemo seems ‘OP’, it really isn’t. One time I saw a guy do ‘maths’ and say there’s probably one in every game, when it is significantly less than that anyway. But it is extremely easy to counter anyway, and no, you don’t have to change your playstyle around it (where do ye even get that notion from), because 99/100 times you see it they aren’t a 999 iq imposter plays gamer, and they take it out 5 seconds before they hit you with it.

Saying to remove the Nemo though, is the same as saying to remove the blue shell from Mario kart, or make elytra creative only, or make every game identical to rocket league where everyone has the exact same gear and it just becomes a sweatfest that isn’t enjoyable for a lot of people, even if skywars is very sweaty as it is (not to throw dirt at rocket league, I’m still salty about the fact that even though I payed for it, they gave nothing when it went f2p, and it’s crappy match making system that put me in gold 3 instead of bronze so I just got hate mail 20 games in a row)


also the fact i don’t think you realised you could just dig one block down so you don’t get hit. :pensive:

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If I didn’t make it clearer in my first post, this is a duplicate. Make sure to search for similar posts next time.

You are proving my point, that you hav to change your playstyle if someone has a nemo

Digging in to the floor coz someone has an item isn’t a playstyle lol, ah yes, my playstyle is to become an ostrich and stick my head in the floor every single game

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Seems like nobody pays any attention to that message… :confused:

why did you link a post that is closed

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that post is closed lol

Ye do realise gameboi is pointing out that the original post was closed so this idea wouldn’t get added

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