Remove the Nemo it’s too op

Remove the Nemo its top op or nerf it please I hate the Nemo just nerf it or remove it just do it please


First off, Splodger, the Community Manager, confirmed that Knockback Nemo is not going to be removed

Also, for future reference, I would personally discourage making suggestions like this, since they don’t explain anything at all, and can just end up causing unproductive arguments

Personally, I don’t play skywars, I only really play sg atm, so I’m not going to take a stance


The nemo is fine. The only realistic reason why you think it should be removed is probably because you’re not countering it enough.

Here are some tips:

  • Try not to stay in small islands with enemies that have nemos.
  • Stay away from the edge at all costs. If you stay around the middle of the island, you should be good.
  • Move around a lot. This will make it a bit harder to be hit with the nemo.

It’s always best to outsmart those with the nemo. And just what was mentioned above, there are no plans for the item.


Do you suggest we build a wall at flash speed as well? Or perhaps become gods at pearl clutching? Or maybe even put on a pack that tells us the other dude has a nemo?


move around a lot, wouldn’t that make it more easy, as you might walk next to an edge lol


As others have said before, there are currently no plans to remove the Knockback Nemo. While I understand it can be overpowered, it is also extremely rare and it is liked by many members of the community as a fun challenge! In future, it may be better to discuss your idea more and have reasoning, rather than simply saying it’s op. With suggestions, you want to convince people why your idea is good so that the Hive can implement it.
I will be locking the thread, as there isn’t too much to discuss further, but if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
Have a good day! :slight_smile: