Remove "Cannot pearl above build limit."

I don’t know if this has already been suggested, but I think we need to get rid of it.
More information:
I don’t like how when I aim a pearl high because I’m falling, it lands on top of something, says “Cannot pearl above build limit.” and I fall and die. I’ve had mix answers for what people respond to that, but what do you think? Also sorry if english my correct is not.
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There’s a reason why you cannot pearl above the build limit which is to prevent players from glitching and going on top of the structures where you cannot reach. I remember this being against the rules.


The problem with this is that removing the height limit from pearls would mean people could reach places that you can’t build up to, making people practically unreachable, except for with another pearl.

Maybe a solution could be putting barriers a couple of blocks above the build limit for pearls to hit, though this could still let people reach close to unreachable places

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ah, ok nvm

This was already suggested. Please use the search icon next time before making a suggestion :joy:


This seems to be a duplicate suggestion, so I’ll be closing this. In the future, please be sure to use the search function to make sure you’re not making a duplicate suggestion. Thanks!