Rejoin feature

Is it possible for the hive to create a rejoin feature? Let’s say you accidentally tab out of the game on mobile with the home button. Even if it is for like half a second, you get kicked from the game. This makes it so that any custom servers you set up with your friend would just end because it’s as if u left the game and only you are left. Even in a public game, treasure wars for example, with a friend, if you accidentally leave and try to join your friend’s server you are automatically put into spectator mode

It could be like what they do on hypixel where you do a command (/rejoin) and it automatically puts you in the last game you were in even if you died you will respawn. This could help as you might be kicked from Minecraft on mobile for certain updates (namely on Samsung devices where they auto kick you from any app and show you a scheduled update)

This would help a lot and I think it would be very beneficial.

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this is already a suggestion. also i dont know about this. lets say a hacker gets kicked by the anticheat and all they have to do is log back on and do /rejoin or whatever

Hive doesn’t like copying other servers, so probably no

Hello! This Suggestion has been Suggested Already!

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Then ban him.
( hacker )