Reduce distance for insta-leap

Just make it enough so that it doesn’t go too far and you fall off the edge because that’s what currently happens

Then maybe judge using it a little differently if you know it’s gonna knock you off

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There’s literally no way to get to the island next to you without falling off

I indeed agree that the insta-leap spellbook needs a slight rework.
Perhaps a more gameplay improving alternative to this could be More upwards height to insta-leap spellbook.

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While I agree with putting more upward height to the insta leap, they still should decrease the length. Most of the island in sw royale are small and aren’t that far away from their neighbors. It’s like you cant reach the island immediately next to you, but you can’t reach the ones beyond that either. You mostly will fall in the void


it’s literally copy and paste from “leap” powerup or whatever from deathrun