Reaction Suggestions to the Hive Forums

I know that you guys just released reactions 3 weeks ago, but I have some great suggestions that have to do with all of the reactions! Keep in mind that I don’t think you should add everything I’m suggesting, I just think that these ideas seem appropriate for the Hive forums!

  • Make the egg limited time to make more room for more reactions. I think that the egg should no longer be available at the end of April.
  • Add the laughing emoji :joy: or :laughing:. This would be great for jokes instead of just replying with ‘lol’.
  • Potentially remove the :heart_eyes: reaction, because I feel that no one really uses it and it’s really just a way of double liking.
  • Maybe when you hover your cursor over one of the reactions, it explains how you’re supposed to use it.
  • Add the :thinking: emoji. This would be good because if someone gets this reaction, they clearly know that either something is wrong, or there is something confusing.
  • Bring back the :-1: reaction. I feel that this reaction helps not just the poster, but you guys if it’s a terrible suggestion.
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egg should stay. Readd dislike so I can use it on all the terrible suggestions I see every day


Honestly, I agree that the dislike should come back. I just think that the egg is either just there as a joke or a meme, or it was a holiday thing because when the reaction update came out, Easter was coming.

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some users would spam dislike other users posts, but even a lot of the people that got spam disliked would want to keep it


Thank you for letting me know! I don’t know what you mean though when you say “spam dislike.” Does it mean multiple users disliking? Does it mean that you could’ve double disliked? And honestly, I don’t see it as much of a problem unless someone is forced into disliking a post.

you took 2 from my suggestion

Lol I didn’t say I consider your suggestion as a dupe just Said you feel me basically. On the 2 that should be added

Needed lol :smiley: