The reactions 😁

These I think that these would fit with reaction

:eyes:-uh thought it would be good reaction
:joy:-a funny post
:thinking:-thonk but rip off
:stuck_out_tongue: -this iconic splodger emoji
:roll_eyes:-eye roll needed
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:-weird champ
And I’m sure these would be good and add every custom emoji to the reaction but regulars can only use them
(:beedance: :blobheart: :dab: :splodger: :boombox: :mailbot:)

And the community might like this alot to!!
I hope this doesn’t count as a list I tried not to make it like a list

Yes I said this 3times at least

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We are currently unable to limit certain emoji reactions to specific roles, this may be something that is added in the future.

We also want to keep the list of reactions relatively small. We’re all for adding the odd one or two, but we won’t be adding loads :sweat_smile:


:crazy_face: :hammer: pls


:crazy_face::hammer::crazy_face::hammer::crazy_face::hammer::crazy_face::hammer::crazy_face::hammer:Yes pls we need this for the discord


Can you at least add :splodger: and :beedance:

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Yea it would be cool to add :beedance: :dab: :blobheart: :mailbot: :splodger: :boombox: (all the custom emojis) to the Reactions.

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Added one and remove 3 or 4

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