Ranks update

Another rank a MVPBEE rank 15 €
Or a Donator rank if you spended over 300 € for the hive you get with dobator rank many things like a view costume gifts acces to /nick get hubtitles as a rank (max 1 hub title rank)
/fly to fly without of a mount costume ranks loke get a Bean rank or a Tomato rank (only one rank per name
That is the max - > Deathlord8240 [+] [MVPBEE]
Or Deathlord8240 [Donator] [Translator]

Hive’s not going to add another major rank any time soon. Plus 300 pounds for a rank is crazy, hive would seem less friendly and more cash crabby if they implemented a rank like this.
I’d say currently Hive’s ranks are balanced and fair.


I think he means over time I believe.

Also I think this is a great idea! I think a few tweaks to rewards and prices would be good though. You got my vote!

Yes the OC meant all up, but thats still crazy.
As @LeafyPixels said, the current ranks are balanced and 300 pounds all up for a rank isn’t really balanced imo.

The donator rank is a bad rank imo because even if it was like 50 pounds its not necessarily a better rank than YT or even Hive+.

You already get enough rewards for that kinda money spent on stuff ingame.

The other bit of the post, the MVPBee rank is a good idea, i would like a rank clearly better than hive+, but i think that Hive++ Suggestion and Civillized Discussion Megapost is better.

300€ = no more credit card balance which = not healthy.

legit 305 US dollars like you must be insane XD

Coming from someone who actually has probably spent over $300 on the hive I think it would be nice to have a reward BUT NOT A RANK
I would rather have a hubtitle like “donator :moneybag:

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I don’t think we need anything about donating or “Donator”, Hive already makes its money fairly.

Yeah, it’s not donating if you’re getting something in return, and then you’d be getting the title

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What about the gifts, costumes, mounts, pets, and bundles you get from buying stuff that’s what you get in return lol an extra title wouldn’t hurt reminder a title doesn’t have to be easy for everyone to get

Yes, but a title more like ‘The Gifter :gift:’ would make more sense, and someone’s still getting something in return from what you bought, and you’d be able to gift yourself