Racing/mario kart arcade game

My idea is to have a game like mario kart for the arcade using the new hive mount mechanics without the possibility of flying and moving up (so only on the floor like a normal car).

There can be different race track maps with custom karts/cars that you can unlock on different levels or maybe future bundles in the market place. There can be hub titles to unlock such as ‘God Speed’ or ‘VROOM VROOM’. Another idea with this is to have a Christmas themed version with sleighs and winter snow maps instead of snow wars for the ltm Christmas game to switch things up.

I hope this idea will be considered and implemented as I think it will give the hive a great new game to enjoy :slight_smile:


This is good!

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This IS a good idea, and a highly requested one! This is possibly a duplicate suggestion to this one, but it’s hard to tell, because everyone offers different ideas :slight_smile:


Ohhh I never saw that lol but either way it should definitely be added.

I have to vote for this.

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Yes cheers bro