Purchasable hive cosmetics test room in arcade

Ok first of all, this may be a dupe (sorry) but anyways I had the idea to have a building in the arcade that you can use mounts, costumes, and pets for free. You can only use them inside that building. This would be great to help people decide which cosmetic they would like to purchase. Let me know what you guys think!

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@C4tH4ck3r and @Wish4448

You are literally achieving nothing by saying it’s a dupe, but not linking the original topic.

I think this is different enough from this to not be considered a dupe. Costume Try On Store



this seems different enough that i would say it’s a dupe. even though it’s the same idea, it’s for a different purpose/things

The hive has said they won’t have a replay trial or be able to purchase it for shorter than 1 year.

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