Purchasable Hive Capes

I think the Hive should sell purchasable capes. I know they have capes to wear in Deathrun, but it would be cool if we could have capes to wear in the hub and in-game (like costumes). Maybe you can purchase them from the store or get them from completing things. This would be cool to add onto the global locker.

Any Cape - £1.50/$2.00
Quest Master Cape - 1000 Quests Completed
Time Owl Cape - 365 Day Login-Streak
Discord Cape - Join The Hive Discord
(And so many more)

Also, they could make them weekly, same with costumes. You would only be able to wear them in the Hive though.

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i don’t think it’s a good idea because Anyone can make their own cape for free
Let’s just say this suggestion has already been accepted and added
Now you must reach 365 loginstreak to get Time Owl cape… Like I said, anyone can make their own cape so A person who did not arrive 365 loginstreak He can take cape colors And making one similar(Sorry if you don’t understand what I’m saying) .


No, I totally understand what you are saying, but people could kind of make the same thing with costumes. I know people could make custom capes but I think it would just be cool if the Hive produced a couple capes.

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Ok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I think he meant something like with costumes.
Yea you can recreate the skin without buying it but you can never fully recreate their unique style. Take Shroomy (the new cool mushroom costume I don’t remember name lol) for example, it has unique traits, so maybe The Hive could do a unique spin-off with these capes

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Yeah, I meant something by roughly like that. Hive always makes their costumes and stuff cool and it would be epic to have capes. So I think they should.

You can also make a Minecraft skin pack like that tho

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Not mobile players :sob:

You got my vote because for cinsle players for me I’m on switch I can’t get capes do this would be cool u got my vote

I think purchasable capes should be added (unless it comes with a bundle or something etc)

I just dont see the point, unless hive somehow makes it possible to have HD capes or animated capes