Prepare for the forum Xbox Live login migration

We will soon be migrating forum logins to Xbox Live. Here’s what that means for you, and why we’re doing it.

What’s changing?
Instead of a username (or email) + password, you’ll sign in through Xbox. Your username will automatically be updated to your Xbox Live gamertag.

What should I do?
Make sure that your email is the same as the Xbox Live (Microsoft) account you play with on The Hive. If it mismatches, a brand new forum account will be created, and you’ll have to contact support to get access to your old forum account.

If you have multiple emails tied to one Microsoft account, we’ll use the one that’s marked as either preferred or primary.

Our main reasoning is - we don’t like storing passwords. We do what we can to keep everything safe, but the more we store, the more it becomes attractive to not-so-nice people to try and get in. After this migration, we’ll wipe all the stored passwords.

Second of all, this will allow us to match forum accounts to in-game accounts. Whilst we won’t be doing this immediately, we plan to offer on-forum visual perks for those with Hive+, as well as a hub title in-game for those that visit the forums.

We’re looking at doing this in about a week from this post.

I have a question???
I’ll be answering (real) questions in this thread, but the main thing is, to not worry about this too much. It’ll still be the same forums, with the same people, and the same content! If there are issues, they’ll be fixed, and our support team is always available to help.


When is this going to happen?


Oh no

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I’ve added my Microsoft account email to my forum account and changed it to the primary email. When the switch is made will I keep my account?


Sir it needs to be the primary email I think

Correct! I’d make sure your primary email is the same as the one tied to your Microsoft account. :+1:


Thanks! I just reread the thread and saw that before you replied. :ok_hand:

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oh no i dont use the same email

gosh gotta contact support soon :c

what happenes to the login badge thing?

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Yes! I can finally have my space in my name! And to bring up Centuria’s question again, when?


If my forums name is changed to match my Xbox name does that mean my name will have the “938” at the end or will it not?

My gamertag says TallScissors#938 so I was just wondering.


Yes, if your gamertag shows as TallScissors938 it would show as that on the forums I believe.

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Yeah but
Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 2.24.48 PM


Not really a fan of that


imagine if the forums broke and we all lost our streaks


bruhh what if we dont want emails going to the email we have on our xbox live

i just turned off email notifs


^^ exactly me

i have emails turned off anyway but still

Your gamertag shows in-game as TallScissors938. The # is added to differentiate you from other people who put TallScissors as their gamertag. @Hlzyzptlk it would show as TallScissors938 correct?

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Question: Will admins still be able to change our names on the forums?


Lame󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀


I’m going to be ISlayzU, oh no