Please ban drag clickers

Ban drag clicking or try to limit it

Drag clicking is unfair to almost all other players, as some on consoles, mobile, and those who dont have mouses suitable for it are immediately at a disadvantage.
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I have a few things to say:
Is there a way for them to ban people who are drag clicking? Like, how would you know if they are or not?

Also, it’s not something that’s crazy hard or anything. but, of course, that’s my opinion.



this is coming from a person who’s mouse physically can’t drag click.

consoles and mobile are not at a disadvantage because typically you have to go out of your way to fight pc players, and drag clicking will be the least of your worries.

My mouse can’t drag click, but instead it has much less click latency than other mice. That is an exchange I made, and that was my choice. I could have gotten a model o with money to spare if I wanted to. Most people with a mouse that physically can’t drag click are also in a similar situation to me, they spent more(although not all may have considered the drag clicking part), and have other advantages.

And before someone says something about price, most cheaper mice can drag click to an extent.

by the way, Hive prefers players to have 10ms of debounce time, which is functionally a nerf to drag clicking, because it lowers the cps that you can legally get by dragging.

also name 1 benefit of drag clicking on bedrock. I’ll wait.


I will mention(even if it goes against my opinion) that it is not possible to check for all players, but banning it will make less people use that method, and the less that use it, the less likely new players are to use it

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no, just no.


B r u h

Literally drag clickers aren’t a big problem. Just play smart at the game. Smh


snowballs go brrrrrrr

There not even good it’s really easy to beat them

w taping
S tapping


just treat them like a normal person lol

there is nearly 0 advantage to drag clicking


no lol they are killable. There is this magical thing called left clicking on the player and placing blocks in front of them to stop there sprint


I could give my opinion on this, but Splodger, the community manager, said that the hive couldn’t really do anything to stop people from drag clicking. So they allow it.


If it makes you feel better, you are not allowed to lower your debounce time on the hive so that decreases a lot of drag clickers. Then again many people in the pvp community dont follow that rule soooo

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what about… no.

i’m not being mean but this is kind of a bad idea.
most drag clickers probably only drag for clutching.
and drag clicking is already hard to do consistently (I think)
sorry but ain’t voting on this lmao

Welcome to the forums! As some said, this is not a big problem, but trust me, I’m telling you in a good way :slightly_smiling_face:

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when will players realize that cps is not the end all be all for PVP. I play on controller and I never complained about drag clicking players, idk what hes on about but first he has to actually be decent at the game


drag clickers cant aim so just strafe ezz


true i do this and abuse my mouse lol

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Platform based matchmaking exists

Yeah it would be very unlikely for a mobile/console to meet a pc player. Plus More cps only helps in fights a little bit. If you can jitter or butterfly or even normal click fast enough, you can hit your opponent at maximum speed.

dude facts