Player Compass (Survival Games)

Idea: Add a Compass to Survival Games that will point in the direction of nearby players

As the title says, add a compass item that either everyone has or is found within the maps that point to the nearest player. This would remove the need for an eye of the storm when the player count gets low which removes the need for pointless running around a huge map.

More information:

Some survival games servers use compass items like this to make games better for their players, and I believe it would work here too.

The late game becomes kina slow, so I can see your logic. I agree


If it can only be found in supply crates with perhaps a 40% chance of spawning then yeah I agree.

Yes plz. It’s so annoying trying to find people when there is almost no one alive before death match


They should also add coordinates so we can find the loot balloon thing. I forgot what it was called lol

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Hello there!
Great suggestion but this is what i feel:-

Adding a compass in the chests and other places and making it easy to get one might end up in targeting players either because they are higher level or to gain revenge on someone. So i feel the compass should be automatically added into a player’s inventory after a certain time period say at the last 5 mins of the game or when 5 or 6 people are remaining in the match because by then most of the players would be eliminated and only the players who are hiding can be found by using the compass.


air drops
are what they are called

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This is an awesome idea! The late game of survival games is slow paced and this would fix that for sure. I definitely think this should be something found in crates, but not too rarely. Otherwise everyone would die before death match.


bump because more people need to see this! It could be dropped in tier 2 chests or something :slight_smile:


lmao how many times did I forgot where my teammate is at but he can’t say it to you because the map is so big that there are 2 million similar places and you will get insta killed if you do it with minecraft chat

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Bump because this has been suggested again and this suggestion can help with all the hiders in SG.

Yeah this is really needed.

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Why hasn’t this been added already, a compass would make the game wayyyyyyy better

bump because this is a really good suggestion and I believe what woozbee said would be best in terms of adding this item, more people need to see this

a 12 hour bump? meh

Isn’t this the tracking compass???

This is a really good idea SG would be massively improved with this, here’s a vote

Maybe like after 7 minutes u get a compass

This idea is pog

Or maybe you could find it in crates