Platform matchmaking option?

Option to change platform matchmaking

I was thinking that there could be an option to change your platform matchmaking, like maybe an added menu to be able to change who you can go up against, a settings menu that would say queue windows 10, Xbox, or touch servers.

I play on an iPad to avoid all of the difficulties that I can face on an Xbox and I keep going up against touch players and I would like to go on win 10 servers for more experienced players to fight.

I just think it would be reasonable to have an option to be able to switch your platform matchmaking servers. I find touch players a tad bit too easy for me.


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Honestly, I actually understand this suggestion! For really skilled players, they probably want to queue into Windows 10 servers. If someone is a new player, then they would want to queue with touch players. This would make games Like SW and TW a bit more beginner friendly. PPBM already exists, but that depends on what you’re playing on. I think that this solution is great for the people who play on mobile, who also use a controller. It would balance it out a lot more!

Overall, I like the suggestion, and actually feel like this is reasonable. Thus, you got my vote!
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This is a good idea but, win10 players can just queue in a touch game using that setting and just dominate the entire game, but on the other side, this can be useful for ppl that want to get better and or new to Minecraft PVP

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I know I just need this honestly

I was thinking about this too but maybe an option where it varies depending on platform, for example, console losing the ability to matchmake with touch players but are able to have the option to go to win 10 servers. And to go back to console. And windows 10 losing the entire option by itself. So it’s a bit more balanced. If you think about it some touch players would be with win 10 occasionally because of the option that these other mobile players have. Let me know what you think! :grin:

Woah, pretty lit! Would definitely vote for this!

PS. I already voted lel

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