A command that allowed you to play with Console/PC players (Mobile Only)

What the Title Said

A simple (enable/disable) Command that allowed Mobile Players to join in Console/PC queues


The main reason is a thread I made, discussing why Mobile players could be back together with Console Players.

Link: Are Mobile Players Really in a Disadvantage With Controller Players

The main point being that many people in the thread have mixed opinions on this, so my Simple solution is just to allow mobile players to join in PC/Console’s queues as a option.

And no, the command wouldn’t work with PC and Console to allow them to join in Mobile’s queues.

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why are people so annoyed by the pc/controller/mobile thing? i get it, it’s unfair. go do java or something.
pbmm is already a thing


This really isn’t necessary

If your an avg or above avg mobile guy thinking you can beat good pc players go train for another 1000 years


This bread guy or something seems to have a real issue with mobile and the queues they are in he’s created like 281992 threads about it and honestly no one really cares lol


how do you play java on mobile

They’re Mobile Players that are capable to destroy good PC players.

i thought java was pc only lol

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Sir, this is a Mobile Bedrock Suggestion

that adds nothing to what he said, and he has a point. if you are somewhat annoyed by the fact YOU mentioned, just get java on your phone

or rather, just be patient until Hive finds a way to fix this issue. there’s already like 30 threads on this subject.


Find me one of those suggestion

I was not just talking about suggestions when I said “threads”.


so like if you where in like a sw match and your on console and you want to play agaisnt mobile players you would do (/playagainst mobile)
something like that i asmue

this topic confused me

Nah, I already mentioned the command wouldn’t work with Console/PC players

Only mobile players have access to this command

thats kinda silly tbh

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True, but it also better than downloading Java edition, on a phone

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Try to get in a party with someone on pc. All your games will be queued with other pc players, doing what you essentially want.

The other, weirder, way would be to get a pc, install minecraft on it, get in a party with your own pc. Weirder, but efficient if you’re rich af and have no friends :joy:

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its something that they said will happen in the future

Pretty much what I’m saying, but without having to be in a party with a PC or Console Player

A simple command that allowed you to be in PC/Console queues

I don’t see any reason not to add this, you’ve got my vote

Just to make a point clear since I saw someone post a video, Downloading Java edition on mobile devices is against the terms of Minecraft and should not be done.
The same goes for joining Java edition servers on the Bedrock version of Minecraft.