Hey remember me, the guy who found 38 build errors in arcade?
Well I’m back with some errors for the main hub
Which the building is awesome and probably the best hub ever so I don’t blame these errors on the build team instead I’ll say thank you for an awesome hub
also credit to @Zanelees for these errors

Error 1: missing block in well
Error 2 possible wall error

Error 3: missing block on dock area

Error 4: wrong blocks on wall, should be cobblestone stairs instead

Error 5: random polished andesite here

Error 6&7: missing blocks under docks

Error 8: missing water blocks near border

Error 9: doors and bed not waterlogged (these are able to be water logged right?)


Oh god no, not this topic again

Jkjk, those look weird and off so I will vote for you so these could possibly be fixed :+1:


Please put them in summaries
build team:builds
Mason- imma end their whole career


As a builder I pay attention to detail
As a hub rat I search the hub far and wide
As a forumer I post forum on it
im lvl 20 in jb so I’m serious about builds lol


I fill builds (like mountains) in, even though you won’t see inside the mountain… lol

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Oh my goodness! How could they do this?! c:

Just wondering, do you check between each hub just to see? Because I do feel like some of them may only be in one hub.

I don’t think that this really has anything to do with being serious about building, it is just nitpicks at the end of the day lol

Also I wouldn’t be too surprised if the well is intentional because wells don’t tend to be perfectly flat at the bottom.

The event is limited time so idk why you wanna fix this🍄

Not 100% sure what you’re saying; but the hubs don’t have different build errors, it’s all one map copied across different hubs.

No, like certain blocks getting updated in only a few hubs, or when the maps is being ported to the server (because each hub is its own server), due to its size certain areas may get slightly corrupted (for lack of a better term) because I’m guessing the build team creates the map in java because they use tools like world edit or voxel sniper I assume, and then there can be glitches when it’s being ported

For example the water, that’s probably a glitch from being ported

All hubs are copied as the same, if a hub is updated all hubs reset. and the only hub specific errors are just player glitches


I don’t belive that’s it, neither do I think that it’s different servers, I think it’s all 1 server with multiple hubs.

(I’m not the smartest guy)

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Please tell me you’re joking lol

Honestly, they should just make you a tester for the maps before the release lol


I belive the length of the event is 25 days, but I could be wrong

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error update
I updated this with 5 more possible errors

I found an error.
At the end of the world with the ‘amplified terrain’ with the boat, (not the one with quest master)
There is a missing block.
So go out to the very edge of the world by that section, and there will be a missing hole.

If you really need a screenshot I’ll send it


Can you show the screenshot of error? I’m not too sure where it is


I feel like this doesn’t need to be fixed because the hub is temporary so i feel like there’s really no point to fix this


yeah i gotta agree with you there. the event isn’t around for too long so i don’t see why these would be fixed. but keep up the good work!