Pick Music in CS

We should be able to pick what song plays in a block party CS. Right now we’re not able to which is weird, I know its still is in development with the CS’s but if this feature isn’t planned for them then this should be added in an update.

Idk, people would always just choose the same song, but maybe of there was a way of preventing that that than yes. Voted

But if it’s a cs then idk why that would matter. It isn’t a public lobby.


This just makes sense. I hope we’re able to soon :ice_cream:

Retro Renegade and Apple Juice are my favorites, they’re so catchy.


duplicate suggestion!

You included several ideas in one post, this one only focuses on one. It is still technically a dupe, but you are only supposed to put one idea per post.

I was stating ideas for the custom servers, but ill take either one lol

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