Today I bring you a Snake Pet model/concept idea!


IGNORE THE EYES! I couldn’t figure out how to make them, so it’s just a derpy snake :sweat_smile:


  • Slither in a circle
  • Tongue licks the face
  • Slithers while you walk
  • Rattles (only when in rattlesnake variant)


  • King Cobra
  • Python
  • Rat Snake
  • Grass Snake
  • Rattlesnake

There could be much more, but that’s all the stuff I got!

how did you make the modle

I made it in Blockbench! A 3D modeling software used to make custom things like skins, mobs, and more! Here’s the link:

Oh. My. Goodness. That is so cool! I would really like to see something like this added! Great model!

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oml i def want a ball python variant if this gets added :blush: voted!

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srry late replie thks