People's inventories should be put into gravestones

I think everyone would agree that inventory clutter from enemy inventories is a bit irritating in SW.

SW has the largest amount of item variety of any of the games on Hive. However, I’m not going to be able to use anything good if I have to stand in a loot pile and throw items out of my inventory until i coincidentally get that speed spell. It’s also pretty common to get cleaned while sorting through this stuff, and now the next person has an even larger mess to sort through to get your good stuff!

Solution: gravestones. Gravestones are an effective solution to this problem in SG. They would work just the same here. Plus, it makes it easier to see where people actually died, because as it stands, the items have a non-zero chance of despawning before anyone else shows up (although this chance is small because people reaaalllly like to clean which in my eyes is fine, but hey benefits are benefits). Also, it would be less laggy to have the equivalent of a chest with items in it then to have to animate all the items floating up and down on the ground.

Only potential issue is that gravestones only have 27 slots, and the inventory is bound to be bigger than that, so something will have to be deleted. This isn’t an issue in SG at least for me, but if it was needed, there could be a priority list of things that get deleted if necessary, like chainmail armor and stone swords.

I think this was already suggested before


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yup, there’s this one

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