Party/Team Indicator

Party Indicator.

To know if your friends is on a party… :thinking:

i was writing another idea but then i saw this on the ‘similar posts’ tab you should also check this out if you havent.

the idea is to know if your friend is on a party, so you would know if you should invite them or ask them to let you in their party. it would looks something like; NeverAristicrow [PARTY] when you use the nametag item or /friend(s?) command. i thought it would be a pretty neat mini feature for the server :smile:

Maybe not in the ‘server’ bracket thing beside their name, but a little icon like the “Happy Beeday” hub title could make it look nicer, so it doesn’t block which games your friend is playing, or if they are in the hub
You can always just do /party info or /p info to see who’s on the party (:


yeah you got a point