Parkour Tag

Parkour Tag

Parkour Tag would be a new minigame based off of “World Chase Tag,” which is the world’s first and only global competitive Tag organization.

Parkour Tag would be played in two arenas with a perilous substance on the floor, it would be played with teams of any number. The goal is simple, tag everyone and don’t get caught. One team would have a single player in one arena with all but one player of the other team in the same arena. The team with one player is the team that is the tagger and the rest are hiders. The hiders must traverse the dangerous arena and attempt to last as long as they can. The same thing happens in the second arena mentioned before.

Parkour Tag has great potential and can be played in tournament mode as well! This idea also came from Minecraft Championships or MCC. This idea should be played around with, maybe add two seekers or secret rooms and power-ups. Have fun with this idea! :heart: :honeybee:

Hello! This has already been suggested here: Parkour tag in Hive


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As Cupcsr said above, this idea has already been suggested, next time use the search icon🔍 to check if your idea has already been suggested.

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Duplicate suggestion, please contribute your ideas here - Parkour tag in Hive