Parkour tag in Hive

[During MCC 12 a new game mode was revealed Parkour tag a gamemode where there is one hunter and 3 runners trying to survive a minute. This is a fun concept and i would love to see it added to hive as a stand alone game . There could be more runners if there isn’t enough new servers.

Here is a link to some gameplay footage :

Hey there!
The Hive does not like to copy mini-games from other servers so this will most likely not be added. Sorry.

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But we have a knock off bed wars.What if we called it manhunt instead of parkour tag


Bed Wars is a pretty popular minigame and pretty high in demand, even if it isn’t TOO original, Hive do have their own unique take on it. If they can change Parkour tag in a way that the basic game remains the same, but different enough to not be a complete rip-off, I don’t see anything wrong with this.


Personally, I dont feel this to be big enough to be its own game, however if Hive added a party games type games and added stuff like tnt run and spleef, this might be a good addition to that.


Might want to take a look at “Mixed Arcade” (Working Title) on Hive Bedrock Public Roadmap | Trello

I saw that there was some confusion that I wanted it as its own minigame . I meant that the Game would only be accessible through custom servers.

I doubt it’s only going to be accessible through only custom servers. They either add it with both regular games and custom servers, or neither. All though I do like this minigame, I don’t see a point in putting this in and I think Hive already has Mixed Arcade handled.


Bump, also it probably isn’t worth it for Hive to make it like this, because it wouldn’t get enough playtime(ik Hive isn’t paid per minute of playtime, but ) to be worth developing, however the sales in Hive+ might counter it out(you need Hive+ to make a CS). It would be interesting to see if it makes more or less money than a SW LTM or something like that.

They actually have a good amount of games for that coming from their Java server, so they probably don’t need another game for that. Also, there is way too much strategy and map memorization involved for it to be thrown in with 7 other games or whatever.

Not exactly true, Hive doesn’t directly steal games, but they would make their own unique version of a game if its not been done much(only a handful of servers have it), and/or it has a lot of potential(I think Mineplex made Turf Wars before Hive , made Snow Wars, but Snow Wars is different and is better imo(I actually forgot most of turf wars lol, but I think it has/had kits which isn’t good for that type of game.).

Honestly, Hive should just add this as a unique(not related to a specific Hive gamemode or a related to a Holiday) LTM that they can always keep permanently if it performs well enough, and if it doesn’t perform well enough, they could keep it as a CS only game mode, for extra Hive+ sales. If Hive wanted to make it different, all they would have to do is make new maps and, if they really wanted to, they could add powerups(I don’t like the idea of powerups, but if it makes it unique enough to be added, I can live with it, and I think many others can too) or something to make it really different(powerups could include pearls, speed, jump boost, extra reach(idk if thats actually possible) for hunters, tag immunity for runners, potentially even a compass for either team). This would be fun for the average Hive Player, and would be great for Youtubers to make videos on, getting Hive extra attention, which never hurts.

TLDR: just copy it as an LTM with your own maps, maybe add powerups if you need to, it’ll be the only thing near it on the whole version of Minecraft.


sorry for the false information :frowning:

Its not really false, just slighly wrong in a way that has a big impact on this conversation lol


Ok my ideas about this is reeeeaalllyy bad why would the game only be in a cs?!?. But idk what if
They add it as one of the in hub minigames in the arcade?