Parkour Checkpoint

Parkour Checkpoint

I think it would be a great idea to have a checkpoint where you claim ‘The Frog’ hub title as it stops you from having to restart the level all over again to carry on to the second stage. Whether this be a button, pressure plate or even using the hub title it will ensure you don’t have to complete the level that you’ve already completed over and over again.

Thank youuuu! <3

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First, what game is this suggestion for?

@Scratchfangs Thank you! It would be for the hub parkour as it has two stages :smile:

Isn’t it supposed to be sort of a challenge though?

This would definitely be helpful, if you just want to skip over ‘The Frog’ section once you’ve already completed it.


@Scratchfangs I believe yes and no, its more of the fact that the first part is really easy but if you fall you have to redo what you already know to get to the bit youre stuck on, which is on the second stage :slight_smile:

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This has already been suggested before, please use the :mag: feature next time to look for the suggestion beforehand. You can find the original suggestion here.


Oh! Sorry nothing came up when I did try to search for it <3 I shall delete this one

Yeah, sometimes they are worded a different way, maybe type keywords next time? :thinking:

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This seems to be a duplicate suggestion, so I’ll be closing this. In the future, please be sure to use the search function to make sure you’re not making a duplicate suggestion. Thanks!