Parkour in lobby


I think we should be able to respawn to the start of the first or second parkour cause it’s kind of annoying to go back all the time.

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This is a duplicate suggestion of Teleport to parkour in game lobby

Use the search function next time before making suggestions.

Edit: this isn’t actually a duplicate but I’ll keep my reply so the rest makes sense.


thank you for that, ill use it next time :smile:

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I think this post is talking about the main hub parkour, while the other is about ingame lobby parkour


Oh oops, my bad, but I personally think you should have to do it all

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The thing is it pointless to do the first parkour if you finish it. I’ve finished it but it’s annoying to get to the second one

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It’s not too hard. I just wish they extended the parkour to unlock new titles, or maybe a parkour-themed avatar.


Bump cause the dup just got closed

I mean, I want this. The first parkour isn’t hard, but doing it again and again just to get to the one blocks is very frustrating and annoying.

But idrc I already finished the whole thing once.

This can really help for mobile players as well as other devices. :smile:

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Bump as there was a dupe.
This could also work like the sonic update checkpoint return item.