Oceanic Servers on the Hive

Now I know I can’t be the only one who suffers to the lag and the glitches on the hive from living outside of NA, ASIA, or EU, That have constant lag that we are powerless to stop. As we bridge we see the blocks disappearing below us as we fall into the void. Players so much worse than us it’s painful and then we get combo’d without being able to fight back. The delay on everything. Hits not rendering when struck, it’s unbearable. Not to mention what the Hive would gain from being the only reliable server with Oceanic Servers, they would gain a whole other region that would play and enjoy the hive. The financial benefits would be immense

Hello! :wave:
A new region isn’t really planned at the moment, however, this is subject to change in the future. Unfortunately an Oceanic/Australian region has been suggested before. You can use the search feature (:mag:) to look for the suggestion beforehand, ensuring you do not make a duplicate. You can find the original suggestion right here .