Not voting same lobby builds

I think to make voting fairer and remove “meh” voters they should double lobby sizes and make it so one lobby votes for the other and these votes don’t affect the standings in the first lobby. This would mean that people would always vote for what they truly think of the build rather than simply spamming meh just to get a higher end rating.


That would be very difficult to achieve. Games go for 5-10 minutes so there will be a very long wait to actually get another lobby to vote. But this is luck dependent depending on what lobby is available.

People would get annoyed for consistently having to wait at the end doing nothing for a maximum of 5-10 minutes waiting for another lobby to be ready. How the hive could make something to limit the amount of bad votes each round like if you consistently use the meh rating, this will be flagged to the staff team.

There could be a system the hive makes where you can view a person(s) vote history and they can properly tell this is an advantage to them. However this would not work either as this would give more things for the staff team to actually do despite this not being against any server rule.

Overall this suggestion would make Just Build less popular than it already is.

However this is just my opinion

Maybe they split the group to 2 teams? Like same amount of players to start, just split to 2 teams

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No, because there would be 2 game endings, one for each team
There is only one podium section per lobby

Maybe a lobby 1 podium NEXT to the lobby 2?

Doubt there would be enough room, the builders may need to edit the entire lobby and expand and there is only one end-build spot in the middle where the winners build is. It cant fit two

True. I guesss that makes sense

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Bumping this thread because this idea was proposed and then basically forgotten within a week (and I was going to make a similar suggestion at the request of @Zpc03 but then I found this one).

Anyway, I really like this suggestion because unlike other potential solutions, the people you vote for are not competing against you so people would not feel the need to vote other players’ builds bad just to increase their odds of winning (in other words: meh-spamming will not increase your chance of winning). I would say that it could work with the current lobby sizes, but in that case that exp earnings would need a slight rework in order to accommodate the smaller number of people who are voting each build (perhaps it could be based off of your average vote instead of points received).

Here’s a diagram showing how it might work (excuse my horrible handwriting :joy:).

This could be further improved by having each lobby rate the builds from best to worst instead of a 1 - 5 voting system, which would reduce the unfairness caused by some people.

Anyway, about the 2 teams that win, I think that they could both be displayed by switching between the builds every three seconds to show both winners. Another solution would be to just simply show the top three winners from each lobby in their own respective lobbies, similar to how it is now.

There could be a few flaws in this suggestion, but as it stands, I don’t see any, so let me know if there is something I may have overlooked.

Anyway, just my 2 cents…


Instead of having to wait at the end it could work if the game will only start if there is another lobby ready to start.

i dont think meh should be removed. if you think the build is bad than there you go just do that just becquse those people do it often dosent mean they are being rude ita becquse they are just honest