Non time based mini games!

Mini games without a time limit that you could relax while playing in.

More information:
I think it would be fun to have a mini game or game mode that’s not fast paced that you could relax a little in just because the hive doesn’t have a single game mode like this and they could come up with whatever unique game mode they want with this. I know the hive would do a good job with this making it an even better server, one of the things I like about the hive is that they have very organized and quality games unlike some other servers, however it is lacking games like this making a good amount of players want to play on other servers for games like this but if the hive did decide to make a game or two non time based or fast paced it would add so much to the server and would bring so many more players to the hive as well as make it a lot more fun for players who aren’t very competitive who would like to have a chance to make new friends while at the same time playing a game they can enjoy.

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The server is a minigames server, not a neverending games server


I agree with what @AdeptConqueror said. The Hive is a mini game based server so having stuff like survival or role play would a very weird change. There are alot of servers which have survival and factions so if you want to play that, you can.


You can easily ignore the time limit, just play hide and seek or something and chill.

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Deathrun can be relaxing too

Well, if you don’t, like, die everytime…

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Dang okay then I thought the hive could just have both uwu

Tbh i agree with @AdeptConqueror too…The hive would be boring of all those ‘‘mini’’ games became long ‘‘never ending’’ games

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