New TW Custom Chest GUI Item Shop Idea

Hello there.

In this post I will talk about an idea I think would be beneficial to the TW community. This idea is for a new item shop in which you can customize.
Again like most of my posts, this wouldn’t be a game-changing feature, but rather a cool new addition.
If you want to see this happen, make sure to vote on this topic. Any questions, add-ons, or criticisms would be appreciated.


This would be an item shop where it is basically a chest where you can customize the slots of what to buy. Basically you would be able to customize what item you want to put in each slot. This should not replace with the current shop system but rather be another option players can use if they choose too

  • Items can be gathered more quickly
  • All the items you would actually use in a game would be in the same place
  • Could be hard to adapt I guess and could confuse new players

Side Note - This wouldn’t be the main option though. If people don’t wannt to use it, they don’t have to. Also the default option would be the current shop system.

Well thanks for reading. Make sure to vote this if you believe it should be in the game. Have a great day!

Hmm Nice Idea, but mobile players could have difficulties to choose items in the new shop system, if you are rushed by someone. you urgently need a sword and blocks, it would be too long and the opponent would break your treasure.


How would it be slower. It would be the same style but instead of clicking 2 times to get blocks, it would only take one. If anything this is the most beneficial for mobile players

I kind have a system on the current ui and it’ll mess me up to change it this much. (Mobile player here)


Did you read the part where I said this would be optional?

What’s point if it’s optional then?

You use it if you prefer it. That’s what optional means

But like if only 50 people use it? What’s the point of all the work they put into the new UI if almost no one uses it. That’s my point


I agree. The shop needs to be quicker upon buying things it’s so slow man. Even if it’s just a list that pops up or a category you can edit it would be worth it. If not a gui a customisable category at the top to buy wool swords tools etc all quick. Would love this. Love how the thread looks too :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, can’t vote your post, I used all 10 of my votes, but I do agree. I do think though that this would be hard for console players, I don’t know for sure, I haven’t played Bedrock using a controller, I’m just assuming here. Anyone here who uses a controller and think this would be slow for you?

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I sometimes play on my Wii U. The Wii U version doesn’t have servers, but it has 3 custom mnigames created by 4J Studios, and it contains survival games. I can ensure you that it’s very hard with the gamepad to grab items. A chest system would, in my opinion, to much complicate the game.

You mean by 4J studios? Pretty sure it’s called battle, it looks very fun from what I have seen.

Yes from 4J Studios, sorry, I will edit my post.

Honestly I love the idea. I hate that sometimes I click into the wrong category for weapons or blocks, or even get the wrong blocks. And it can be a little hard to get out for some odd reason.

but a chest GUI is not really fair for mobile…

That is true. But I mean what would be a better alternative then?

nothing. This is made to be simple to use on any platform

I don’t want chest system. This would just be unfair for mobile players. Remember that most Bedrock Edition players are using mobiles, like me. Just don’t missclick. Just don’t. Simple.

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You can’t control on a missclick especially when your trying to buy stuff to keep you alive.

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I like the idea tbh, the customisable feature allows ease of all players, if set up in the hub or something rather than in the actual game, so far the only pe players that have commented on here have been biased about the suggestion as they have stated that they are used to the usual system which is just there own adaptability, and like if its optional then if your used to the other system then use it simple

the amount of times iv accidently bought andesite instead of end stone u would be surprised xd, there are so many different item options in the game I dont even use and they just get in my way, and I can guarantee a lot of people would use it as of speed