New TW Custom Chest GUI Item Shop Idea

We all did that, I kept buying concrete instead of bridgers when wood came out. You just gotta get used to it.

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Im not saying we dont, its a minor mistake anyway however this suggestion would prevent that
everything is about adaptability and how willing people are to adapt the different concepts

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So it needs to be optional so pe players won’t be disadvantaged

I for one am a pe player and right now the shop is perfect for me


I think hive should work towards other things than changing shop gui tbh

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damn this thread got so many replies out of nowhere lol

I think that would be cool it be just like in hypixel

To all of the PE people saying that this wouldn’t be fair to mobile players

  1. They can make it to where you have a choice of this shop system or the current one

  2. This literally doesn’t have any effect on the game itself, just something for player preference…

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This system would also help people with high ping shop more quickly.

This is a great idea, people are forgetting that @kPin said it would be optional.

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