New Survival Games Item: The Lasso

How to obtain the Lasso
The Lasso will be a rare item, it can be obtained by finding a Cache Cow or Airdrop/Crate. It will have a 33% chance of spawning in a Supply Crate/Airdrop. The same also for the Cache Cow.

How to use the Lasso
In order to activate it you must Right-Click or if you’re using mobile, Long Tap.

How will it work

  • It can only be used 1-3 times and does not deal damage to a player when it is caught.
  • It will have a range of 10 blocks.
    -You can pull items with it, and catch players.
  • If you miss an Item or a Player, you will loose 1 durability.

Honestly,Its a very good concept I think. It might be useful in SG and SG-DUOS

Your ideas are awesome! Love the creativity!


Cool idea but what does it do when it hits the player? You never specified.

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this would be so helpful to stop the runners! with the ideas you mentioned as well, it would make it not very overpowered. great idea!


100% useful and bad for runners. Pulling a player with the Lasso is very useful when you are very hungry and you can’t sprint.

Sg def needs this. Its so annoying when people just keep running around the map making game take a long time

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At least the enemy is 10 blocks away but its 1-3 uses so you can use it like 1-3 times so uh it might be op but not that op. I wanted to see the animation and a cowboy skin using the lasso lol (post deleted by author)

Just an idea, it might be used to bring players in the direction from where the lasso pulled them

Edit- It is a very good idea though only 3 uses. That’s a little too less

Fish rod but fancy :sunglasses:


This is a actully good idea great job I think it could be obtained from cache cow for a 1 in 75 chance and also a supply crate I think would be cool

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Best suggestion I’ve seen today :+1:


100% best suggestion


Dude i want this to get Accepted btw also voted

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how many votes does it need to be consider being made?

i think 50 vote’s

I think a suggestion gets accepted if a staff likes an idea. The votes does help gets the attention of the staff sometimes.


are u allowed to ping staff?

I recommend you not to do it.

why not will they get mad or ban u or something?