New Skyblock Gamemode

New Gamemode

There is no way I’m the only that wants this to be a gamemode, but I want skyblock to be added

This is probably the best default server on Bedrock Edition, and it could be even better with the addition of a skyblock gamemode. Everyone loves this classic gamemode and alot of other servers have it, but not Hive. I feel like Hive could make a great skyblock that would be very enjoyable to everyone! Once again, I cant be the only person that feels this way. What would you guys think of a skyblock gamemode on Hive?

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It looks like this is a duplicated suggestion.
Please use the :mag: in the future to search for your idea before posting. You can vote for the original idea here


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Like above said it’s a duplicate suggestion but MY GOODNESS do I want skyblock, but all the posts on the thread mentioned above have points unfortunately