New Regions like Africa and Ocenia

New Regions like Africa and Ocenia

It would be useful to have these regions no matter the number of players
As I live in Africa I would like a region of Africa and Ocenia

I think Oceania is a good idea because I 100% know there’s a lot of Australians how play hive and because the closest region to Australia is probably Asia, and Asia doesn’t have the best ping…
And I also know a lot of Australians are complaining about really high ping and low FPS in servers like the hive
You have my vote


There isn’t enough demand and it would be a waste to run servers on there, these regions would be practically unplayable because of having <500 players, games would almost never queue. That’s what happens on the Asia region usually. I’m sorry, I think we just have to live with the lag unfortunately.


This has been suggested before although I love your idea (pls I don’t wanna suffer with my 200 na ping)

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