New MiniGame:Regular UHC and Random Drops UHC

I think UHC should be added so the server becomes popular

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Isn’t hive popular already? I mean it’s the most played server on bedrock


I know it is but adding UHC will make it more popular

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It was supposed to be
I know but adding UHC will make it mor popular

Seeing as survival games is the least popular minigame right now, I don’t know if another battle royale style game would really attract that many players.

Skywars is technically a battle royale too but the gameplay is a lot different.


there was no grammatical error in the first one, the second one is wrong lol. Also, you can edit post by clicking :pencil2:, so use that next time :smiley:

Also, Hive adds original minigames, they could make it original like with SkyWars, but i don’t think they will add it

Tbh I would like uhc because no other bedrock servers have it. But I don’t think they will add it because I feel like cheaters would be an issue and the server is still pretty laggy. I still want it tho because it’s a pvp mini game and I wouldn’t play it anywhere else


UHC is being popular on java servers, if HIVE introduces UHC and many scenarios of UHC it will be really popular. Also none other big servers have a UHC minigame right now.


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yeah but uhc is different from sg like skywars too

UHC isn’t being added, Evident said in a stream/old video that he asked and they said they will never add it, there is no point to this, in the end UHC won’t be added lol

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