New manhunt mode


[Add a manhunt mode]

More information:

[4 people, one is randomly or by choice chose as runner and others as hunters]

Straight up gonna say that’s dumb. I assume you’re attempting to recreate Speedrunner vs. Hunter, and one of the most important things in that series that keeps it fresh is that neither team is “sweating,” and they have some rules in place to make it a more entertaining video. Plus, the whole gang needs to be in a voice chat for it to work that way as well. This isn’t going to work in a server where everything is ranked and has levels. Besides, 95% of the time, the runner will get killed off spawn, and it just isn’t worth to host a 4 person server for hours whenever someone cracked manages to make it out. Overall, terrible idea.


Hey there!

Sadly this idea has already been suggested. You can find the original suggestion here Manhunts aka speedruner vs 1,2,3, and 4 hunters

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this is a dupe suggestion so please use the search feature next time. Make sure to properly explain how your suggestions work. Also keep in mind the Hive is a minigame server so you would have to make it so the average player can complete this in under 25 minutes.

This would not be fun because if the speedrunner is noob then hunters will win so ezzzz and its copying dream and how would the hunters chat anyway.this is not a good idea in my opinion.


Duplicate Suggestion.