Manhunts aka speedruner vs 1,2,3, and 4 hunters

So i think a new gamemode should be manhunts. No server has manhunts and all you need is a fresh world and a certain amount of playters and one being speedruner and the other team hunters and the game ends when the speedruner dies or kills the enderdragon.

Good idea! I think it would be cool. But I don’t know how they would do it.

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I think the Hive likes to be unique, this would just be copy and pasting Dream’s manhunt.


Speedruns take way too long for a game on the hive. Especially considering that I doubt many people would be good enough to get anywhere near the world record.

But maybe something inspired by manhunt, but shorter, could work.


This would be fun. 1v5ing in sws or something but the 1 person player should get some kits and perks to make it doable

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if the speed runer got a kit so should the hunters am i right because the speedruner would just kill the hunters.

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This game could theoretically take forever if someone just boated around. Dream takes hours to record his manhunts, and The Hive is a minigames server, so this probably wouldn’t fit in very well


we can work something out like giving out a kit with 5 ender eyes

if the hunter got one it would make it a little unbalanced imo. It doesn’t have to be a big perk like it could be spawn with a pearl random diamond peace or a random enchanted item

i meant five pearls not ender eyes

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We are planing to make changes with kits and etc so basically no also alot of server have skywars so yeah thats copying.

we just need some people a world and 2 teams the hunter and speedruner its easier.

So what if it takes long it will be fun and make people:)

So what if it takes too long it will make people :slight_smile:

Majority of the people playing on the server have literally never beaten the game, and even if they actively tried to, I doubt it that they can beat it while somebody is chasing them. Dream is amazing at the game so he is able to do it, but even so, it takes him 3-4 hours. Many players don’t really have that much time to play.


Exactly theres hunters after them so they can die and to mobs so thats gonna end it quicker because most players never beaten the game just think about it they can die while trying to speedrun.

If thats how every game is going to go, its going to be extremely boring for everyone, and the runner will never win.

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theres a game for everyone. :slight_smile:

Hive skywars isn’t directly copy and pasted from other servers because it has it’s own twist to it. (Lucky Ores and Warm Up time.)

I think overall, the cons outweigh the pros here. I’m not sure if there is a plugin or method that will randomize seeds in a server. It’s a server, not a world you can load up. (Correct me if there is a plugin or method that does this.) Also as Shadow said, some players are inexperienced with speedrunning and it won’t be fun if you just keep dying within a few seconds when you load up a game. And what happens if the hunter/speedrunner gives up? Does the speedrunner/hunter continue or does the game end? If it continues then it won’t be fun for the speedrunner/hunter. If it ends, then there could be many games ended because people leave for a variety of reasons, like they have to go somewhere, get off, internet issues. And also manhunts take a long time as said above, and if new seeds and worlds were to be generated everytime, I think it would be very resource intensive.

Manhunt is pretty fun, so a shorter improvised version might be better than regular manhunt.

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Welcome to the Hive, the Hive is a mini game server and speed runs take hours and there are too many uncontrollable variables that the Hive would have to manage, I think if the Hive Madeline tweaked Manhunt then this would work amazingly and be very beneficial for the server.