New icon dor hive (not done))

I make my own i cons

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So what is this suggesting :sweat_smile:

Edit: are you suggesting new icons for hive? They just updated those and pretty sure they wont change them

Party Box?

icons they said the new icons is only 1 day

“New Icons For Hive”

please, what do you think he’s suggesting.

Jolly already said that they aren’t changing it, so there isn’t any point of trying

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I edited it before you said this took me a while to process

Ok Imma delete this and make new Suggestions

Wait what don’t delte it wdym?

They arent going to change the ui if thats what you mean

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wait… I cant delete this

u can flag it but wdym delete it? why?

Yea staff can delete it

This has already been suggested. Icons uodate has been posted here Custom Icons

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Wait really? Well then flag it so staff can delete it

This has already been added, technically

Im Gonna Suggest next is about mailbot i want mailbot to move around in hive not only staying in the side if i have a mail he’s gonna run to you and give the emails

If you wish to request something else than the main post discussed create a new suggestion post.

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Nope that is a little bit weird and trust me no one wanted to up scale the ping :frowning:

Like just sonic event hes moving :frowning: