New Hider Blocks

In Hide & Seek, we have some blocks, like leaves, quartz, wood and others, but my idea is to bring new blocks to the game like Glass, Stained Glass, Grass, Dirt, Wool with all 16 colors, new stairs and new leaves like Jungle Leaves and Spruce Leaves, these blocks exists in the map, but is not accessible as a hider, why not add new blocks for hiders, we will have more variety and places like hospital, we will see Jungle Leaves instead of Oak Leaves behind the seeker spawn, If you want to add more blocks to hiders in the game, your free.

Hide and Seek works right now because of the low amount of blocks. Seekers have to only test around 6 different types of blocks, making it fairly balanced. Even so, however, in most games the hiders win. Having much more blocks would be detrimental to the game. If you don’t believe me, just look at Galaxite’s prop hunt. Players can become anything they want, which makes it almost impossible for the seekers to win.


We could adapt with more maps.

Like an beach map, an city map or even in a new map like City Exist. that could be created soon.

all of those have been suggested by me already (I think)

Maybe if my idea of new blocks combine with your ideas of maps could be an success in the game.

Just imagine, new maps with new types of hiders, would change the game.

After can u send a link to your suggestion, I wanna see it.

errr sure, lemme dig it up

edit: My ideas for a potential hide and seek content update

I liked your idea, is awesome,

The duos idea still needs work, many raised a very valid point

Your suggestions are pretty good, I liked customization part for seeker sword and armour, could be really good, even your maps idea is good.