New gamemode/minigame?

New gamemode idea I thought of recently during a talk with a pal

Maybe during Halloween ( or the rest of the year ) make an “Infection” Gamemode, Basically murder mystery but when you get killed you become a seeker,

IDK maybe it starts with one monster (I would make the monsters Vampires or zombies, so whenever you get hit, in this case bitten or something, personally I think vampires would be more interesting because maybe you can get an effect that you regain hp when you infect somebody), who is disguised as a human and spawns with them, then once they infect somebody the first monster and the first infected person spawn in at a different location, (Probably a graveyard, also make it easy to tell the difference between vampires and humans, i suggest give the vampires red nametags The humans have wood/stone swords because yknow vampires are weak to wooden stakes, (in this case wooden swords) and the vampires/zombies have effects like night vision and extra speed, (Maybe make it 1 or 2 hits to infect somebody as a monster to balance this) And the humans have to move between locations in the town the minigame is set in, so they start on a dock or a tunnel/bridge something,because thats how they entered then have to move to a house, wait there for a few minutes to “secure” it and make sure its safe, or to protect the people inside, who might sell better swords or armor, You could also make a way to win for humans is you have to stay around a group of villagers like a “payload” mission and protect them like in games like Overwatch or TF2 and you get credits by killing vampires or staying alive without taking damage,which then reward you because you can buy better items or effects from the villagers you are escorting or protecting, And maybe in the graveyard a werewolf could sell you increased effects like more damage per hit, or faster speed, and the vampires get credits for infecting the humans, but the person who did infect them and did the final touch, get credits, and everybody else on the team also gets them to prevent people from stealing kills are trolling. Anyways the vampires have to infect everybody before the humans either escape by getting to a ship, or a tunnel/bridge, or wagons and if the humans get the escape area (Make a countdown for the escape route to open to prevent humans rushing to the win location) the humans win if they can survive until the escape route arrives, and the vampires win if they can infect everybody or kill the villagers before they escape.

To shorten it

-Vampire spawns in w. humans
-Infects 1 person, monster spawn moves to graveyard
-Human team has to either secure houses in the village OR escort a group of villagers escaping from the town
-Vampires get credits for killing humans or villagers/ Humans get credits for staying alive or killing vampires
-You buy upgrades from monsters in the graveyard/ villagers in the town
-If vampires infect all the humans or kill all the villagers they win/ if humans/villagers escape using a boat or wagons the humans win

Also maybe make special items availible that relate to this mode like nametags or cosmetics in the other gamemodes like giving the murderer in Murder Mystery a zombies arm instead of a sword or something to make it more spooky"

so, ghost invasion but different things


At least it’s not a duplicate suggestion. But like what @CommanderCweamy said, this is basically Ghost Invasion. As far as I know, Ghost Invasion comes out every Halloween