New game: One in the Chamber

Its been a while since I have posted a new idea for a minigame on this server, so here is my idea for One in the Chamber! First off, I want this version of One in the Chamber to be different from Lifeboat’s version, and Mineplex’s version! There should be no kill cap at all! It should be whoever gets the most kills in 8 minutes wins! What will make it different? Well, every player has 8 lives! So, you better careful while playing this game! So, that’s it right? Wrong! There’s more! In terms of meelee weapons, you start off with a wooden sword! Every 10 kills, your sword tier will be upgraded! For example, if you get 10 kills, your wooden sword will become a stone sword! 10 more, and your stone sword becomes an iron sword, etc! After you get a diamond sword, your sword won’t be upgraded any further! Not only that, but to make it stand out, give players the ability to collect powerups! The power ups could be speed, jump boost, or invisibility! Each power up lasts for 10 seconds, so it won’t be too overpowered! However, that is basically it for my idea for One in the Chamber! Let me know your thoughts, as it will help a lot!

One in the chamber is pretty niche, and one-dimensional, I don’t think hive has much interest in adding it.

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I agree with @LightKnight2311, one in the chamber would be fun. There’s definitely a community for it, especially if they incorporate custom powerups. Doing so would set The Hive apart from the competition and bring a fresh approach to the game type. The only thing I don’t agree with is the sword tier upgrade. From a pvp standpoint it seems a bit unbalanced. Other than that it’s great, good idea!

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yea i’m fine with that, but people had suggested this before

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Hmm… maybe every 10 kills your sword would upgrade?

Yeah, something along those lines. :+1:

Made some edits to fix my typos and change one thing! Instead of your sword tier upgrading every 5 kills, it should be 10 kills! This was suggested to me by @StormHawket!

I think this gamemode is a little over-saturated. Your ideas are good, but I think the Hive likes to have more creative, less common games!

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I’m SO SORRY for the B U N P, but new members need to this and this would be a great edition to mixed arcade, which is coming up in the roadmap.



I really like oitc so I’m bumping for it to be in the arcade.

Also I’m not sure about sword upgrades but something along those lines could work.

Tbh I just want to play oitc without it being a lagfest so if anyone knows a server, including java servers, with a good oitc to play rn that’s fine (you can pm me coz I think that might be advertising otherwise)

Edit: If I’m not mistaken wasn’t oitc one of the games that kick-started the hive, or like clankstar doing servers or something idk

They should add this game fr