New Game: Mashups

This would be a new game where each round is a mashup of different games. Essentially every new game you play would be a combination of two different Hive games.


One round you play is Skywars-Bridge, where you loot chests and bridge to the other player’s goal. The next round could be CTF-Block Party where you have to run across a BP board to get to the enemy’s flag.

There are a lot of cool and interesting combinations of Hive games, but the two I listed are some of my favorites and if this idea is accepted I would love to see those two.

Level Rewards

The level up rewards could be combinations of other ones, like hub titles being “Lord of the Sky” (BP and SW) or “Capture. The. Flag.” (Bridge and CTF). The max costume would take elements of the other ones like the Bridge helmet with the CTF crown on top of it wearing Zuk’s goggles over its eyes for the head.

Each mashup would only have 1 map. (Skywars-Bridge has only one map and BP-CTF has a different map.)

This is also part of the suggestion.

There r lk 10+ games so there would be SO MANY VARIATIONS I would hate to have to make this so realistically it’s not gunna happen

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Not all of them have to be included in the mashup. There only have to be a few different mashed modes, like maybe MM-Deathrun or the previously mentioned SW-Bridge and CTF-BP. Just Build would just be boring and H&S would be frustrating. CTF-Bridge wouldn’t work bc that would basically just be bridge-mega.

In short, there are only a few combinations that actually work but the ones that do work sound really fun.


Yeah but at that point you would lose most of the point


Well how else are you gonna play CTF-BP? Some mashups are better than none and I don’t think developing and making maps for those mashups that would just be frustrating is worth Hive’s time or money. They should just make the fun ones.


This might be very hard for the Hive to develop but its still a good idea so im gonna vote for now.


I suppose but it should still be possible. I think if it’s done right it has potential to be a permanent game like Block Drop. WAIT A SECOND! Block Drop-Ground Wars?


I absolutely love the idea of mashups! Combinations could be so cool!

My idea

I know you said about excluding JB, but I think JB-TW would be good- instead of rating someones build on a certain topic, rate someones defence!


Yk what? That would be cool. I’ll remove the part of the post that says to exclude JB.


SG-SW sounds even better to me.

OK, here me out

What if SKYHIDE? Think about it. At the start of the match, the hiders all spawn at mid, with ender pearls so they can teleport to the outer islands. then once the match starts, the hiders ender pearls get removed. Then the seekers can mine ores to get resources like better swords, blocks, bows and arrows, and pearls, while hiders can mine ores to get better swords, extra hearts, apples, and snowballs. If a seeker falls into the void, they will not respawn unless by the cause of a hider. This sort of combines the feeling of fighting to the death with hiding or seeking, creating an interesting experience.


What if...?

What if SKYDROP? Think about it. At warmup, you must gather materials like aa normal game of skywars. Then, once the match starts, the islands will deteriorate. There is only one layer, and there are a couple of “safe spots” near ores and chests, where blocks will not break. Vaults can only be collected from chests, you don’t spawn with them.


Wouldn’t that just be SW without ores? Or maybe SG with ores. Idk.

Ok yeah that does sound pretty cool.

That would also work! There are a lot of possibilities. :smile:


It woukd be sg, split up into islands (quite big islands, with ores


That could be fun! Basically SW with bigger islands. :smile:


brb while I play JB-GW


Ah yes, fun


Wow that’s a neat idea. Super confusing :joy: and a lot of coding I bet, for niche situations. But that could be epic


What would a BUILDDROP gamemode look like? :thinking:


please hive, do not waste all of your time making an LTM

This is a great idea, but could be changed up a bit.
With your current suggestion, there are two main issues.

  1. Quantity
    In order for this game to not get stale, Hive has to add a lot of games.

  2. Quality
    The quality of the games will suffer, by the sheer amount of games they would have to make.

My solution: Rotations

Rotations can be a great way to add variety to games, by adding and removing new items every once and a while.
But, as Hypixel has shown, rotating games can be great too.

The issues are fixed with this approach as well.
Quantity is simply no longer an issue, and the quality will be great because of the low quantity.


@Gyrraa, Did you quit being a helper?

But anyway,
Maybe there could be a PARTYDROP gamemode? :thinking: :thinking:

Maybe even a FLAGRUN gamemode :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: