New Game Idea: UHC

Please I just want to play UHC on bedrock
No but legit, I would play the heck out of UHC if it was on the hive.

If you don’t know what UHC is lemme explain.

Ultra Hardcore is a gamemode in where 50~100 players are spawned into a random survival minecraft world to gather resources (some servers have custom gear and resources) . After a long grace period, a border will shrink players into a smaller and smaller area to fight in (Some servers have a deathmatch arena in place of a border). Some servers have games that last 30 minutes and others hours.
TL;DR Survival Minecraft Battle Royale

This game can be played in Solo, Duo, Trio, Squad, and really as many as you want. I’ve seen events that have up to 7 people on a single team.

Would love to play UHC with my friends against randoms on the hive.

First off, uhc has been suggested many, many times, so if it tells you “hey, someone has made this topic”. Than don’t make another one and just vote on the others. I think uhc is right on the cusp of having alot of demand but not profitable, which is probably why none of the featured servers have done it. Also I don’t think CoranaryParrot853 has enough skill to last 10 minutes in uhc, so thats another reason, I do wish at least someone would at it though


I would love if it exists on the hive but, really? UHC? also why does most people want stuff from hypixel. if TH was going to add this at least they change stuff like crafts, name, effects, or even add power ups randomly but still this would be a fun thing to play though if they did have UHC.


but uhc on hypixel survives due to hypixel being like 5 times larger in player count than the hive. So thats why I see uhc being as dead as deathrun or even worse. I like deathrun but its hard to deny that with its neglect it has withered into irrelevance

(i actually wish that DR is not neglected)

I don’t think that the Hive would be interested in adding this game, as I believe that the Hive likes to have more original, different games!

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image Who’s that?

That’s a joke, referring to any person with “a bad username” even though that doesn’t really matter


Yeah, I was trying to say inexperienced players might be bad at it, but without directly saying that just to make it a joke I guess.

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I honestly just want game modes that aren’t on bedrock to be on bedrock. I also never thought of Uhc as mainly a hypixel thing. (EDIT: bad grammer)


This guy is an absolute legend for this idea.

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Above it has been explained very well why uhc has not been added. Lifeboat used to have uhc and then removed it because of it being neglected. I’m sorry but I don’t think this post is gonna go anywhere. We need a monkey to close this. Maybe one without pants. @Hlzyzptlk


lolol now lemme say my part

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