Netherite armour in skywars and skywars kits!

Netherite armour

Ancient debris would be added to skywars and skywars kits it could have an 1 in 5 chance to drop an random piece of netherite armour and of course an sword

And mystery chests will drop netherite ingots what you can use to upgrade your diamond armour with smithing tables what are located in the mid

Netherrite armour would be OP and unfair and I don’t think this will ever be added to SkyWars.


No. It would just ruin the game. To OP

Yes I would love to fight someone with -12 kb

Netherite armor is too overpowered so The Hive would not add netherite armor.

Same too overpowered

It would be to op

You guys do realize you can like the original message that says its too op instead of making a new comment just to add nothing new to the discussion.

as much as I would like to see Netherite added, the RNG of Skywars itself would make it really broken, especially considering it would mean that the Netherite Sword would also have to be added


Wait a minute, I thought you could only mine ancient debris with diamond pickaxe so this would only be possible if we spawned with diamond pick (except builder kit).
Also PotatoPie25 did a vid on how netherite will never be added to the hive

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yes, but i think they can mod it

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But still, they will never add it so no vote :melting_face: there’s no point


I personally believe there may be some problems here :sweat_smile:

Netherite armour in vanilla Minecraft reduces knockback to an extreme level. It would be very difficult to fight players who take little kb. It would also be very hard for us moderators to police such a thing, cheaters could argue that it was simply their armour.

Netherite’s main properties are its knockback effect; without this, there would be little point for it. It would simply be a cool looking armour set, which could easily be achieved using texture packs.


Sounds fun

Willing to be persuaded otherwise, but I believe Netherite in its vanilla forum would be unbalanced for a game like SkyWars.

If you have an idea in how this would be implemented/balanced, please reply!

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Hive owner?!:hushed: I’m a huge fan of your server

I was thinking about it in depth, there would be no way to make Netherite balanced in anyway…and then I had an idea

Perhaps only add the boots or the helmet, a or b, this way players wont have the knockback resistance of full netherite but having the boots would give slight knockback resistance

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Take away the less knockback stuff and just have it replace the protection 1 diamond armor, which is just boots and helmets. Idk if diamond armor with protection 1 is the same as plain netherite but it would be more of a quality of life change. Just like how the sharpness 2 iron sword got changed to diamond sharpness 1, so it would be easier to tell what they have. Since boots and helmets have 2 enchants they could be, both have protection 1, helmets also have aqua infinity and boots have feather falling. Netherite shouldn’t be its own ore but has a chance to come from emerald ore and mystery chest, so just replacing the spawns of protection diamond armor in those things. I hope I explained it well enough! …very bad wording for most of it

I think this would be to OP and make the game to long, but now enchantments?

Netherite armor would make it so u cant combo ppl so definitely no thanks on that

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