Murder Mystery Xp Change?

Xp rewards change for the Murder Mystery gamemode

I think it should be easier to get xp in Murder Mystery

Seeing as Murder Mystery is 490k xp for max, ideally 2 xp per coin is quite efficient in my opinion. I think coins should be 4-5xp per gain, killing the sheriff could stay normal, and kill as murderer should be 10xp. Feel free to comment what you think the xp should be!

I did play Murder Mystery to grind it for a month and played about 9-10 hours per day, I went from 16-35 and people might say: “thats not too bad” but xpwise, its barely anything. I personally think it will rise the player count for the gamemode as hundreds have probably given up on the gamemode because of the lack of grinding they get. Id grind it but thats my opinion and I cant speak for others. I just think thats change needs to be made to maintain the grinding community of Murder Mystery. Thats all I gotta say.

I’m not 100% sure about this. It might be because I’m a lower level or suck at pvp but it is easier to gain xp in murder mystery then skywars and treasure wars

May I ask how much xp do you average per game in murder mystery and in skywars and treasure wars?

I don’t have figures but it must be at least 1.5 times more in murder mystery

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low level grinding in murder mystery is a very easy breeze but then after like level 20 it gets too hard. you can only get up to about 250-300xp in murder mystery max, seeing as tw max xp isnt too much from Murder Mystery max xp, I average 500xp per tw game and I average 100-150xp per murder mystery game.

Yeah you seem to know more then me so yeeeaaaahhhhh

it took me 4 months to get from lvl 26

shouldn’t be that hard

Murder mystery is fine. The survival xp is cool and very useful but part of it is just grinding to get more levels

i get like 50-100 xp at average, and I’m halfway through level 30 rn

4 months is 1/3 of a year just on 1 gamemode. What im tryna say is that 4 months to get like 450k xp shouldnt be too hard ideally but on Murder Mystery where its a matter of getting coins and the coins capping isnt easy to grind

Most of those who play on the hive are NOT there to grind, they’re simply there to have fun :slight_smile:

Also I think the XP for MM should be kept untouched as it is fine how it is.

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well I was only grinding 1.5 hrs a day fyi

compared to other games (TW, SW, JB) They also took roughly the same time to max

(SW would take around 4 months with the new lvl cap)

there are def sweats who prob play atleast like 2 - 3 hrs a day

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Sweats? 2-3 hours? HUH.

as a former cringe sweat I can tell you that 2-3 hours is a FIFTH of what they get per day :o

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I know but I mean over the whole time of the hive and by hundreds I meant from 150-300

I see more people leaving because they max MM rather than grinding to it.

But people will still max it and that issue is a fully different thing.

How is that a completely different thing? Some people will max to level 100, some won’t, it’s as simple as that. Also the reason why you get less XP in MM per game rather than SW or TW is because games are much shorter on MM.

What im trying to say is that people will still max it regardless if my suggestion gets put into consideration or not.

I think maxing MM is some kind of big achievement to be proud of because how king and hard grinding is. Only the truest OGs should have it and maxing game modes is not supposed to be that easy.
Since when has this modern society thought maxing a game was just like a quick errand lol

All jokes aside tho, there r some games to max quickly, and some to not so quickly. It’s part of the experience and if you have plans to max murder, you’re gonna need a lot of time and dedication. Not all things should be made easy to achieve.


I agree, gaining xp is hard in mm, especially for someone who doesn’t enjoy it that much, it needs more stuff

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